About Me

I am creatively inspired by many eclectic (yeah, that's it) energies! Colors, patterns, textures, shapes. I try to add a little something different - a piece of my energy - to whatever creative path I'm on.

I focus on colorful, well-made, reasonably priced jewelry I hope you can wear every day. No mass producing. No one here but me.

In 2011, I bought a colorful bracelet in Santa Fe that - sigh - just wasn't made well. I wondered "Can I take this apart and make it better?" So I did! That began my quest to create jewelry and learn new techniques from a bazillion online tutorials. I love the creative process! 

I developed my own style of french hook ear wires from Titanium wire - it's surgical grade - a pure wire (no lead, copper, cadmium, nickle) - totally nonallergenic - no tarnish - no rust. I choose aluminum for my metal pieces (rather than sterling) because it is nontarnish and more affordable.

I love my tiny off-the-beaten-path town, have 2 dogs - Mason and Spot - who adopted me, and a horse named Skeeter.