About Me

I grew up in a small Oklahoma town in a farming/ranching family hanging onto my Daddy's pant legs, mostly opening gates and fetching tools. I paid attention to how he solved everyday problems - cattle, horses, and equipment are unpredictable! I loved the freedom and "security" of a small 1960s community. Later on I spent 9 years as a corporate suit for a Fortune 500 company in Dallas - a tremendous experience that would serve me well as I started not one but two small businesses. After 20 years as a freelance technical editor I retired in September 2019.

In 2011, I became interested in creating jewelry and watched and learned from every tutorial I could find. I loved the creative process! I still create a small collection of handmade contemporary jewelry.

February 2017 (2 a.m.) I discovered an incredibly talented stampmaker (USTools10) and pursued a fortuitous opportunity to partner with this gentleman and personally curate and market his handmade metal stamps! I hand selected designs from his inventory and also suggested new designs.

I became so fascinated with the stamp making process (I'm a tool kinda girl), I jumped right in. Learned how to hand carve each stamp with needle files and burs, how to harden and temper different types of steel, and polish each and every stamp I create. And to make every mistake - at least twice!  Expect uniqueness!

I thrive on providing great customer service!  I want you to stamp successfully. Please see the Stamp with Intent section for helpful tips on stamping techniques.

I love my tiny one-dog-town and have 2 adopted dogs [Mason and Spot] and a horse named Skeeter.